March 1, 2024

New EP ‘Watch the Skies” out now!

Incoming transmission: A long period of semi-silence is now broken. My new EP entitled “Watch the Skies” has arrived. Available now on all streaming platforms and for purchase over on Bandcamp. 7 brand new big room downtempo heaters expressing both the joy and paranoia of our modern times.


July 28, 2023

Lumpen ‘Chando Radio’ Mix

An old pal/former roommate reached out a while back and asked me to put together a mix for his ‘Chando Radio’ show on Chicago’s Lumpen FM channel. That mix is now available for streaming and purchase via Bandcamp. Check it out here or below.



October 10, 2020

R34L – Push To Ten (Vapor Eyes Remix) out now!

New music galore this season.. fresh off my brand new album, I also recently had the opportunity to provide a remix for my very talented pals in R34L for their tune Push To Ten. Out now wherever you like to stream/buy music.



October 2, 2020

New album “In Pursuit of Magic” out now!

its been a hot minute my friends but surprise! …after nearly 2 years, a new full Vapor Eyes album has finally arrived. “In Pursuit of Magic” hits bandcamp today (other streaming platforms to follow shortly). the inspiration musically was to draw from the vibes of the fabled 90s chill out rooms + low end theory beat nites with a pinch of ‘musical pictures’ / found sound.



May 1, 2020

New Single!

Live and direct from quarantine.. its the first new Vapor Eyes music to be released in a year and a half (!!) .. Young Heavy Souls reached out for me to drop a new single, and the call was answered.

Pre-order of this exclusive release is now live. All purchases made today (May 1st) on bandcamp get the revenue share waived, meaning 100% of all sales today go directly to the artists, bypassing the cut that bandcamp would normally take out. It would mean a lot to me and be very impactful if you purchase/pre-order this new single. Official drop date on all platforms is May 15th.


November 30, 2019

Another Year

Another year winding down. Just a quick update… kinda been layin’ low for a bit working on fresh opportunities and taking in inspiration while writing a bunch of new material for a 2020 release. Hope everyone enjoys the holidays, I look forward to connecting with y’all soooon.



June 1, 2019

Push Beats – June Edition

Back up in it with my Push Beats crew! Blueprint is in from Ohio, Mr. Echoes is dropping his new album, friends and family are on deck! Let’s set off summer together proper.



January 15, 2019

New Year

Happy 2019 y’all. I’ll be spending some quality time working on new batches of tunes this year. Stay tuned for further updates….